You get On-site delivery of the LMS(Your own white-labeled LMS & Virtual Classroom).

No dependency on anyone.

No limitation on user additions (Tutors & Students).

No limitations on course/test creation.You can create & conduct unlimited courses/ tests.

You will have 100% control of your user data & course material

No more monthly or annual charges for using a 3rd party LMS. Own an LMS that is controlled and managed by You, Just pay a reasonable One Time Cost For Lifetime.

We will Provide you our LMS with your information & logo updated. It will be installed on your web hosting & a domain of your choice (On site delivery).This LMS will be yours for life time. You just need to spend a One Time Cost For Lifetime unlike other LMS companies who charge you hundreds & thousands of dollars monthly/annually with limitations on number of user additions,Storage etc

This LMS will Send automatic notifications, emails & messages to Administrators,Instructors & Students.

You can add,manage & deliver Courses with unlimited Course Material, Live Classes, Tests & Assignments. Course material can be combination of Videos,Pictures,Word Documents,PDF files,PowerPoint Presentations,Excel files,Embedded Youtube Videos etc).

Reports get automatically generated that help you track learner engagement, progress and overall E-Learning effectiveness.

A Learner or a Trainee having successfully completed the course can be issued a Certificate Of Completion.

You can create Both Free as well as well as Paid Online Courses with Tests & Assignments

You can Conduct Live classes /Meetings with Audio/Video, screen share, chat, Recording, whiteboard facility